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Quanzhou Yufu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd., is a professional committed to the research and development of yew products, production and sales enterprises, the predecessor can be traced back to China Fujian Taining Yucheng Taxa Development Co., Ltd. to research and development of yew-based. Ink Danxia, ancient rhyme legacy, Taining is a poetic beauty area. Company in 1998 to create "Taining County Jinhu special planting science demonstration base", began to carry out the artificial breeding of Taxus chinensis, the use of "cellar sand storage temperature treatment" cultivation techniques, at the same time in the nursery, afforestation technology also made A major breakthrough. At present, it has built 600 mu of provenances of Taxus chinensis, and the company has cultivated 3 million mu of artificial cultivation base, and the total amount of yew is 17 million.

The southern yew has a "plant gold" reputation, is a national level to protect plants, its bark, roots, leaves contained in paclitaxel is a unique structure, performance and safety, can effectively kill cancer cells, Tumor of natural plants. Certified by the authority of experts, three-year-old Young Taxus can extract valuable paclitaxel. The results provide a solid scientific and technical basis for reliable cultivation of Taxus chinensis. Compared with the other artificial cultivation of yew, the southern yew in the quality and technology with high content of paclitaxel, yew dry powder detection of non-toxic, can absorb indoor harmful gases and other 10 obvious advantages.

In addition to the establishment of yew cultivation base in Taining, Quanzhou Yufu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. has set up R & D center in the United States, the research and development of yew related products; in Xiamen to establish production base, specializing in the production of yew hand soap products. We use the physical activity principle, the use of nanotechnology, technology to create natural hand soap, to subvert the understanding of the inherent soap. We have excellent R & D team and a strong technical support, made the yew hand soap and its preparation method of technology patents. Strong research and development production capacity and improve the testing and testing equipment to help the company's products yuba raw materials passed the US FDA certification, a great guarantee of product quality.

Quanzhou Yufu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. with strong technical capacity and first-class production equipment is committed to the continuity of the product research, the existing products continue to improve and update the product in terms of function, use and appearance are constantly innovation Surpass the self. Soap products have broad prospects and huge market requirements, choose high-quality products, potential partners, is the key to your success!

Quanzhou Yufu Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. welcome you to join!

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