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Dear Partner:
Thank you for your attention Yu Yu biological technology, Yufu biotechnology on the cooperation policy and details, you can contact the following contact details, thank you again for your attention!
Tel: 0595-22667785 18016667785
QQ / micro letter: 229815685
Join conditions
1, with legal qualifications of legal persons or natural persons.
2, with the management of coordination.
3, with a strong sense of professionalism, and the desire to pursue success.
4, with a certain economic strength and long-term investment perspective.
5, can correctly view and take the risk awareness.
Agent to join the way
Agents to join the way is divided into three, namely, regional agents, special distributors and merchants;
Regional agent is a physical store to rely on the customer experience center;
Special dealer, a good channel, can give a favorable support;
Micro-business mainly through online sales, investment is relatively small, suitable for small business;
The company encourages merchants to provide special support policies in the early stages, with small investments and large returns.

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